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  • Precision Slant Bed s36 with Gantry Loader and Hoist
  • Precision Slant Bed s36 with Gantry Loader and Hoist
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Precision Slant Bed s36 with Gantry Loader and Hoist

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Precision Slant bed S36 with gantry loader and hoist

1. the advantage with hoist: to stock more raw material blanks

2. the precise slant bed CNC lathe: with better stiffness, improve the products machining precision and stability, the internal chips conveyor design better deal with the chips solution.

3. the gantry loader in tray design better liberate the workers, and improve the production efficiency.

4. the above picture is the real customer’s solution example specializing for hydraulic pipe fitting industry.

Gongtie starts from the first customer design solution suggestion, to the strict production controlling and the try-run master all in all pay the 100% attention to involve in your machine manufacturing, especially our try-run master will based on your work piece to give the suggestive solution for improve your finishing products accuracy, efficiency and roughness from the tool selection and machining technology so on.

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